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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for a Fresh, Healthy Home

When it comes to indoor air quality solutions and service, Martens Plumbing & Heating is the team to count on in the Mukwonago area. Home air quality is critical to the health and safety of your family, your house, and your furnishings. Our experts can help you take good care of all three by offering a range of products for every need.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

From improper humidity to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), poor indoor air quality can be caused by a number of things. At Martens Plumbing, we offer several solutions to deal with any problem. Our products include:

  • Whole-home air purifiers—these systems can be up to 99 percent effective at removing contaminants such as dirt, dust, and dander.
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers—by swapping stale indoor air with a fresh supply from outdoors, exchangers can help keep your home fresh and increase energy efficiency.
  • Ventilators—an all-in-one system, it refreshes your indoor environment, dilutes pollutants, reduces allergens, and lowers humidity.
  • Media and electronic air cleaners—these units capture and trap virus-sized particles and purify the air.
  • Whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers—both systems balance humidity by adding or removing moisture in the air. They help preserve your wood furnishings, stop static, save energy and money, and enhance comfort.
  • Thermostats and controls—by allowing you precise control over temperatures and humidity, these devices help you maintain good indoor air quality while reducing energy costs.
  • Air filters—working in conjunction with your furnace and AC, filters help catch airborne contaminants as they pass through your ductwork.

Call Martens Plumbing for an In-Home Consultation and Estimate Today

With the right combination of residential indoor air quality solutions and products, Martens Plumbing can help solve problems with odors, humidity, pollution, and more. Simply call us today at 262-363-7146 or contact us online to get started.

Did You Know?

Too much humidity can damage your possessions—especially your electronics (condensation, malfunction, short circuits) and books (mold, brittleness, shriveling). Experts recommend a safe range between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity.